How to promote the increase of the minimum wage? Serve in a bar. That's what Ocasio-Cortez did – The Economic Journal

Always at the Congress of the United States of America to fight for causes that are close to him, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leaves the place and will serve behind a bar, all to promote the increase of minimum maturity, the Business Insider newspaper reports.

A native of the problem area of ​​the Bronx, the activist will return to serve drinks in the district where she has worked, with the event being promoted by the organization 'Restaurants Opportunity Centers'. Ocasio-Cortez is seeking support for the wage increase law to move forward, a measure that would double the minimum wage by 2024.

Of Latin origin, and often criticized for not being '100% American', Ocasio-Cortez took advantage of Twitter to attack its critics. "For the rich who are saying they will make AOC again, a barmaid: They are lucky! I'll be behind the counter in New York to promote a national salary. "

Under United States law, there are many states where workers who receive tips can receive less than the minimum wage. "We are grateful to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who understands the struggles of these workers," the event's chairman told The Daily News. "As a former worker who received tips, the MP can indicate the importance of a fair salary," said the official.

Before rising to Congress and shocking the political world, the activist worked as a barmaid until 2018. Ocasio-Cortez, in addition to defending minorities and joining social causes with political impact, advocates working in the industry. "I find it revealing when people enjoy my origins and say that they will send me to serve the public again," says the MP, "as if this was bad or shameful."

In the Twitter social network in March, Ocasio-Cortez wrote that people think that because she is a member of the US Congress that makes her "better" than a citizen who works with the public. "Our job is to serve, not to govern," she said.

In 2018, shortly after being elected to Congress and becoming the youngest woman to reach such a position, Washington Post journalist Jeff Stein published a photograph of the MP that dates back to November 2017 while she worked at the bar in New York. After 35,446 shares and 133,729 tastes, the tweet is praising the activist, saying "anything is possible," while another American citizen claimed that she attended Boston University and studied economics and international relations, as well as not having received private funding for her campaign.

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