How was the Earth many millions of years ago? – Site of the day

How was the Earth many millions of years ago? - Site of the day

Get to know the different periods of Earth's history, long before the dinosaurs ruled the planet.

It would take a time machine to know exactly what the blue planet was like before even man existed. But the evolution of technology allows us to at least simulate the way the continents and oceans were composed. There is a website that offers a 3D perspective of the Earth, which allows you to zoom or rotate, simulating what it would look like in different eras.

It may filter information for 750 million years, the so-called Cryogenic Period, where glaciers covered the entire surface in what was the largest ice age known on the planet; until the "youngest" age of the planet, from the mere 20 million years, when the first hominids appeared in Africa.

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In addition to being able to jump between ages, you can choose to choose the main themes, from the appearance of the first dinosaurs or the extinction of them, the first grass, flowers, or the Jurassic and Triassic period, to name a few.

You can visit the Ancient Earth website at this address.

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