Huawei cancels new MateBook launch due to United States ban – Computers

Huawei cancels new MateBook launch due to United States ban - Computers

Speaking to CNBC, Huawei CEO Richard Yu has canceled the launch of a notebook due to the blacklist imposed by the United States that prevents US technology to provide technology to Chinese companies. At stake is the fact that the new Matebook X from Huawei be equipped with processors from Intel and of course the operating system and software from Microsoft.

The cancellation of Matebook X is marked as the first product of Huawei to suffer the effects of the ban on accessing technology components produced in the United States. "We can not launch the PC," said Richard Yu, noting that a release at a later date will depend on how long Huawei is on the list of banned companies. The laptop may run the risk of being outdated if the crisis continues for too long.

Chinese technology has tried to circumvent, or at least mitigate, the effects of the ban, namely the production of its own operating system, which could reach China later this year. Still, despite producing their chips for smartphones, in the case of laptops there is still a heavy dependence on American components. Recently, Microsoft itself removed the Huawei laptops from their online stores without making a fuss.

Richard Yu also said he postponed the global launch of the long-awaited foldable smartphone, the Huawei Mate X. This time the reasons were not related to the United States ban, but due to the problems reported by Samsung's Galaxy Fold. The Chinese company prefers not to risk and run more tests to ensure the quality of their product. The smartphone was still expected for this month of June, but was postponed to September, was referred to CNBC. Software developers themselves have also gained more time to ensure applications run smoothly across all forms of the device.

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