Huawei launches new smart computing platform with eyes on the IA – Computers

Huawei launches new smart computing platform with eyes on the IA - Computers

The Chinese technology unveiled its new strategy of artificial intelligence that goes through the evolution of the smart cloud hardware platform Atlas, launched in 2017.

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence technologies has led to the rise of industrial solutions focused on AI. With this in mind, Huawei introduced the Atlas Intelligent Computing platform, an innovation of the platform launched last year.

During Huawei Connect, the global technology event for the ICT industry, Huawei's IT product line vice president Joy Huang explained that the Atlas smart computing platform is powered by the Ascend series of chips to AI applications and designed for a full range of scenarios. This includes public and private clouds, industrial IoT devices, and consumer devices.

The new Atlas Intelligent Computing includes the Atlas 200 AI accelerator module facing the terminal, the Atlas 300 AI accelerator board, the 500 IA and the AI ​​one-stop: Atlas 800 AI appliance, positioned for business.

The half-size credit card module 200 supports 16-channel real-time HD video analysis and can be deployed to devices such as cameras and drones.

The Atlas 300 AI accelerator board is targeted to data center and high end server scenarios and the AI ​​Atlas 500 station is suitable for a wide range of applications such as transport or medical and nursing care.

Finally, the Atlas 800 AI is targeted to a standard framework and programming environment and provides an optimized AI environment as well as a preinstalled software library.

Huawei Connect 2018 – "Activate Intelligence" – takes place at the Shanghai World Expo and Convention Center from 10 to 12 October.

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