Huawei may be working on an 8G TV supported by 5G connectivity – Equipment

Huawei may be working on an 8G TV supported by 5G connectivity - Equipment

Huawei may be working on an 8K television that will lead it to expand its business into a new segment. The news was advanced by the Nikkei Asian Review, which further indicates that this will be the first 5G television in the market. The idea of ​​the technological giant is a pioneer, since there are no reports of any other manufacturers with a similar plan under way. In terms of practical applicability, this is a technology that can be useful on the device in question as it can help users download heavy content quickly on a high resolution display.

The Chinese company enjoys great popularity in the European and Asian markets, being already the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, being behind only Samsung. The brand continues to grow in this segment, unlike Apple, for example, whose sales have registered successive declines in recent quarters.

In the television market, the technology giant may come up with an aggressive strategy, putting on sale unusual models, as is the case of what is said to be in development. Only by this time 4K TVs are becoming common and reaching the rooms of a large number of families, which will open doors to the slow introduction of 8K monitors. This segment should be leveraged by the next generation of consoles because the PlayStation 5 should have support for this image quality.

Samsung and Sony already have 8K televisions on the market, so Huawei will never be the first brand with one of these models on sale. However, it is also true that 8K content is still very rare, which increases the price of these TVs considerably – Samsung's Q900 8K costs about $ 70,000.

Today, 5G could be useful to consumers with equipment that supports this technology. According to VentureBeat, the TV can also serve as a 5G router for other devices.

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