Huawei P30 arrived in Chinese stores … and sold out in 10 seconds – Equipment

Huawei P30 arrived in Chinese stores ... and sold out in 10 seconds - Equipment

Huawei officially launched its new P30 and P30 Pro models in China today, after its debut in several western markets. The first units went on sale earlier this week, in what they call flash sales, where only a limited number of devices are available to first-time buyers. This sale, according to Gizchina, who quotes the Chinese website Mydrivers, ended after 10 seconds, estimated to have been sold between 30 to 50 thousand smartphones of the new models.

Despite not knowing the numbers of the first official day of sales of the new models of Huawei, the expectations are high. Chinese retailer Tmall has registered about 3.2 million people looking for the P30 models since it was first launched in March in the West and half of the potential customers were women.

Who looks very optimistic is Yu Chengdong, the CEO of the consumer business area of ​​Huawei, who during an interview after the launch conference of smartphones in China, sees a laughable future for the Chinese manufacturer. According to the executive, Huawei's smartphone business may be leading the market share later this year, but mainly convinced that it will be at the top in 2020.

To support its claims is the investment of about five billion dollars in research and development of technologies such as the 5G, estimating sales revenues in 2023 at the 150 billion dollar mark. According to Yu Chengdong in an interview with Mydrivers, his company is about to overtake Apple and Samsung in several developed markets. He points out that in the Chinese market, one in three smartphones sold are from Huawei, and this year estimates that this average will be one in two sales.

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Considering 2019 as the first 5G year, and with several manufacturers to launch their proposals to embrace the new mobile generation, the executive says that Huawei is far ahead in technology. Still, he says the 5G market this year will be timid, hoping the next one will be a big hit for technology.

The executive also responded to recent rumors of the sale of 5G technology to Apple, stating that 5G processors are entirely at the disposal of the apple brand if it wants, but that the position of the United States government could be a major barrier to technology partnership . That is, the ball is on the Americans' side for the accomplishment of the business.

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