Huawei plans 4 5G devices for 2019, including Mate X – Equipment

Huawei plans 4 5G devices for 2019, including Mate X - Equipment

Huawei has organized a global conference dedicated to analysts, with the presence of almost 700 entities, to share its strategy with regard to 5G networks, outlining its roadmap for 2019. According to Gizchina, the Chinese manufacturer plans at least , four devices supporting the fifth generation of communication networks.

The first device will be a wireless router dedicated to services supported by high-speed connections, based on the 5G, which will hit the market in mid-June. It follows in July its first smartphone 5G, the Mate X, that will be also its first model foldable.

In September, the Chinese manufacturer will strengthen its 5G offering with new Wi-Fi mobile router, followed by October with another smartphone ready to support the fifth generation. Experts are not sure if it will be Mate 20 X 5G, because it is not a new product to be listed on the roadmap. Most likely the Mate 30 and even the New range, can receive at least a top-of-the-range model with 5G support.

Despite strong plans for the fifth mobile generation, Huawei continues to be the target of concern for several countries, including the United States, for the security of Huawei's services. NATO itself expressed itself, addressing the concerns of the countries allies of the organization "in a very serious way". To this end, it will continue to monitor the consultations with its members in order to seek ways in which NATO could possibly intervene

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