Hurricane Leslie: Académica estimates damages over one million euros

Hurricane Leslie: Académica estimates damages over one million euros


THE Academic of Coimbra estimates a loss more than one million euros due to the storm Leslie who, on Saturday night, took off the cover of the Jorge Anjinho Pavilion, having wreaked havoc on Academia Briosa XXI and in the City Stadium of Coimbra, said the source of the address, in declarations to the Agency Lusa.

"We are expecting a loss of more than one million euros. Only the cover [do Pavilhão Jorge Anjinho] will be more than half a million euros. Then there are all the other havoc like the substitute seats of the Academy [Briosa XXI, nos Campos do Bolão], which each cost ten thousand euros and are eight banks, "Lusa news agency source at the Academic Association of Coimbra – Autonomous Football Association (AAC / OAF) said.

In response to the same communication agency, AAC / OAF president Pedro Roxo stressed that the damage was most felt in the Jorge Anjinho Pavilion, in the downtown area, where part of the roof was torn by the wind and the glass façade collapsed .

"The pavilion is in the open. All that is inside is now at the mercy of the weather, "noted the official, recalling that the pavilion had recently been rehabilitated for the European University Games 2018, which took place in July, and was used by various sports sections of the Academic Association of Coimbra (association of students) and by the AAC / OAF (entity responsible for the Académica professional football team).

At the Briosa XXI Academy, in Campos do Bolão, besides the substitute banks that were destroyed, the nets that divided the various fields fell, he said. According to Pedro Roxo, the AAC / OAF began by "giving primacy to the academy, so that the teams can train", considering that the intervention in the Jorge Anjinho Pavilion will be a work "with a very technical aspect, requiring a new coverage and it will take longer, "he said.

You can check the complete report and see some photos of the damage caused by Leslie in sports facilities of Coimbra in the printed edition of this Monday, October 15, of Diário As Beiras

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