Hygge: the lifestyle of the Danes, the happiest people in the world – Travel

Hygge: the lifestyle of the Danes, the happiest people in the world - Travel

In essence it means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the small pleasures of life in the company of those closest to you. It is not just a concept, but a way of being in the life of the Danes.

Copenhagen is famous for its hygien lifestyle and philosophy that has aroused interest even in the most skeptical. Hygge is a way of being in life, of enjoying the smallest moments and simple pleasures, in a quiet happiness.

Although hygge is present throughout the year, its peak is in winter, especially at Christmas. Danish winters are long and dark, so the candlelight, coupled with the tasting of a family wine in a relaxed atmosphere, will never know as well.

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In a city full of beautiful and pleasant places and breathtaking landscapes, it is not difficult to enter the spirit and disconnect from the daily stress. But there are essential tricks to enter into this philosophy, which above all requires the commitment to disconnect from small setbacks.


Whatever the season, candles are part of the lifestyle of the Danes. In winter it is customary to find candles all day long to create a more warm and cozy lighting in the rooms, while in the summer they are used to extend the light when the day ends. It is one of hygge's basic commands since it contributes to a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Meals with families and friends

Spending time with family and friends and enjoying this moment is a basic routine among the Danes. Gathering those that are close to you around a table and sharing with them quietly and without haste a meal contributes to the balance and sense of well-being. More than the chosen venue, the idea in mind is simply to enjoy the company of those closest to you. The Kronborg Restaurant in central Copenhagen is a perfect example for such a gathering, such as the Paludan Bogcafe, the Bertels Salon Kompagnistaede or the Host.

Take a walk or bike ride

Whether summer or winter, if there is something that is part of the Danish routine are the pleasant walks or bicycle. Whether in a park, on the beach or simply in the city, unwind and take a deep breath. Take the opportunity to invite a friend or family member and get the conversation up to date. It is a great way to forget what worries you and enjoy the environment that surrounds you.

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Watch a movie or read a book

The idea is simply to get out of daily stress and have some quality time. It is the so-called 'hygge time', in which pleasure lies in the relaxation of emptying the head of worries and dedicating itself to reading or the cinema for the pleasure of being able to do it. Let yourself be carried away by another world of adventures or the hilarious life of a character and not have a purpose in it.

Bet on cozy decor

Autumn is there and nothing like inspiring the Nordic lifestyle to make your home more welcoming. This is, in fact, one of the main recommendations for adopting hygge. Think about the classic "less is more" and opt for a minimal style and exclude everything that is exaggerated. The calm and tranquility will become part of the atmosphere.

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