“I have no electorate with the CDS” – Jornal Económico

In an interview with Agência Lusa, to be released in full on Sunday, Rui Rio anticipates that the debate he will have tonight with the leader of the CDS-PP, at SIC, – the first one in which he will participate – will be convergent in criticism of the Socialist Government. , with “some or the other difference” in the proposal

“Historically, at this point or another, the PSD has disputed electorate with the CDS, with me the PSD does not dispute any electorate with the CDS. The CDS is a right-wing party – and well, there have to be right-wing democratic parties – the PSD is not a genuine right-wing party since its foundation… It is social democratic, we are a center party, ”he said.

“I have a center electorate, I have a more PS electorate than with the CDS, of course,” he said.

Regarding the debate with Asunción Cristas, Rio admits that there may be "one or another point where the CDS will defend a more right-wing, more conservative position."

“Whatever the criticism of the government, we will probably have a very large convergence. Whatever the proposals, one can notice here or there a difference or two, if things went to the ideological chapter there were more differences, ”he said, adding that, personally, he has“ nothing of the right ”and is“ Social Democrat since at least 15, 16 years

Asked if he regrets not having made a pre-election coalition with the CDS, Rio responded negatively.

“No, the only advantage of the pre-election coalition is really the Hondt method. For mere mathematical reasons, the coalitions end up giving two or three more deputies at the end. However, I think that it is nonetheless healthy that the parties come up on their own lists, as they did in 2011 and then made government, ”he recalled.

The leader of the PSD considered that in 2015 it “made sense” for PSD and CDS to vote on joint lists after four years in government, as on the lists of the Democratic Alliance (AD) of Sá Carneiro, where at the end of '70s,' a big front right of the PS was needed '.

“Not today, it is healthy for the parties to go with their own lists, have their projects, make some differences, if only in attitude and way of being, beyond the ideological component. And then there is an election result and the logic is that, being necessary to form a majority, there is a coalition, ”he said.

Rio repeated that he never lost an election and recalled that the ones he won "were all with the CDS", stressing, however, that any coalitions "have a lot to do with affinities between the leaders."

"The Doctor. Francisco Sá Carneiro and Professor Freitas do Amaral called well, Dr. Pinto Balsmanha with Professor Freitas do Amaral didn't care well, ”he said.

Asked if Rui Rio would connect well with Asunción Cristas, he replied after a pause: "I think there are conditions to connect well, you may not care, only experience will tell you, but I see no reason why you should not connect well."

“If it had been a few years ago maybe [fosse] more difficult, now she has more experience, she was in government for a few years, she has been a leader of the CDS a few years ago.

Regarding the importance of this pre-campaign period, marked by debate and interviews, the CDS leader admitted it was “a worthwhile time”, considering that there are more undecided until the end than a few years ago.

“It matters the whole. In the case of the Government, the four years of governance, the opposition parties have been telling what they have been saying and doing over the past four years… It is a very worthwhile time, and then there is the actual election campaign that will also count. ”He considered.

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