"I have two loves": Smashing Pumpkins and Thom Yorke share hearts in NOS Alive – Showbiz

"I have two loves": Smashing Pumpkins and Thom Yorke share hearts in NOS Alive - Showbiz

The band entered on stage to the sound of "Sarabande", accelerating immediately towards "Siva", "Zero" and "Solara". 'In media res', Billy Corgan and company served the conquering 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings', which made the crowd let out the voices.

"Tiberius", "G.L.O.W.", "Disarm" and "Superchrist" also did not stay in the drawer and were celebrated by fans of the Americans. It followed "1979", one of the singles of the album" Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness "and the most heard theme of the Smashing Pumpkins in the service of streaming of music Spotify, stamping one of the moments of greater sharing between the musicians and the public.

No time to waste and continuing the nostalgic journey, the band delivered "Tonight, Tonight". Some fanatics erected smartphones to record the moment, but more were the ones who let out the voices, making the perfect chorus of Billy Corgan.

"Today" was the theme chosen for the farewell. For about two hours, the Smashing Pumpkins proved to have aged well, although their sonority was always associated with the 1990s. It was a night for a good trip to the last decade of the last century.

Thom Yorke

A few yards from the NOS stage at midnight, Thom Yorke was the big star. Together with producer and collaborator Nigel Godrich and visual artist Tarik Barri, the lead singer of Radiohead went to the Sagres Stage on Saturday, July 13.

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Thom Yorke

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To the Passeig Marítimo de Algés, the British musician brought a show that "The Eraser", "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes" and "AMOK" from the Atom's For Peace project.

"Interference", "Harrowdown Hill", "Cymbal Rush", "Amok", "Traffic" and "Twist" were some of the themes that were not out of alignment.

Almost at the close of the festival, the musician's fans had the opportunity to see for the first time in Portugal the combination of Thom York's and Nigel's sounds that were perfectly tuned to the art of Tarik Barri.

Dance, dance with the Chemical Brothers

Already with one foot in the morning, at one and a half in the morning, the Chemical Brothers electrified the Passeig Marítimo de Algés. As usual, Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands toasted fans as a "great rave," with an alignment that has spanned nearly 30 years.

At NOS Stage, the duo presented a spectacle full of lights, always with images accompanying the beats. For alignment, the Chemical Brothers bet on themes of the past and the present, always remixed.

The intensity of the party has increased especially with the most popular singles such as "Hey Boy Hey Girl" or "Saturate."

When night falls on NOS Alive

At sunset, Bon Iver (who did not let himself be photographed) spread love and smiles through NOS Alive. The American musician brought in the "22, A Million" album, released in 2016, and all the themes that won the fans.

For about an hour, the singer-songwriter proved to be a good golden hour soundtrack and warmed the hearts of the crowd with themes like "Skinny Love", "33 (GOD)" or "10 d EAT hb RE as T" .

Shortly before Bon Iver, at 7:50 pm, Tom Walker also distributed smiles for NOS Alive and no one left to hum the British musician's themes – in streaming services, the musician's songs add up to millions of reproductions and the festival owners proved to have the lyrics on tip of the tongue.

"Leave a Light On" and "Just You and I" were the most ovated and most sung songs, with considerable echo.

The Rainbow of Marina

Marina was also one of the highlights of the day at the Sagres stage. The singer, who now performs without her "diamonds", has spread good vibes for the public. The precise beats of the songs infected the hundreds of people, who were improvising choreographies.

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"Primadonna" was one of the most celebrated songs of the entire concert, which ended with "How to Be a Heartbreaker", one of the biggest hits of Marina's career and which has been a goodbye to miss already.

For approximately 45 minutes, Marina – who was accompanied by four dancers – painted the Sagre Stage with a rainbow of colors and fulfilled what she had promised: to animate, to make dance and to steal smiles.

NOS Alive returns in July 2020 to the Alges Maritime Tour, in Oeiras. The Da Weasel are the first confirmation for next year's edition, the organization announced at a press conference.

According to Álvaro Covões, this year the festival received about 16 foreigners, from 80 different nationalities.

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