"I like the way clothes can change people" – News

"I like the way clothes can change people" - News

Between the hair and makeup rooms, one photo and another, Raquel Strada stopped in the hustle and bustle of the second day of ModaLisboa, this Friday, to talk with Fama Ao Minuto.

Having just arrived from a marathon of international fashion weeks, we found her with eyes to shine, minutes before starting the first parade. We are in your 'world'.

The strong presence in social networks and the passion for fashion that mirrors the blog 'Blue Ginger', released two years ago, have made it one of the greatest icons of national fashion today.

He told us how he regards clothes as "works of art" and how he sees them as forms of expression. It has a sensitive and visionary look about the industry. Travel a lot. But he sees in the future a slowing down of the frenetic pace in which he lives, for the sake of his greater love, the husband.

Another year of ModaLisboa. What do you expect from this issue?

I hope to see interesting things in the New Blood parade. I really like the way the passerelle is laid out. I think they can always be very creative and it's very important for how they show their clothes. They create a different spectacle. Here you come to see what the Portuguese designers are doing, but also come to see a mini show. Because most of the time the things we see here are not even automatically tradable. ModaLisboa can always have this: A Portuguese fashion show.

ModaLisboa can always have this: A Portuguese fashion show

Is it considered a style icon?

No, I'm sincere. I really like clothes and essentially realize how the industry works. I like textures, colors, I like the way clothes can change people. I know that beauty comes from within and I truly believe that, but with the right clothes, when you feel confident, that changes your attitude towards the world. It brings you happiness. I like to play with clothes and feel that kind of confidence. I feel some people follow me …


[Risos] and that's good. It's inspiring even to me. But I do not feel that I am an influencer. I believe there is an exchange and we all give each other. I also get inspired by the people I know and talk to me through Instagram, which is the social network I use the most.

What do they tell you?

They ask a lot the places where I buy things, of course. Sometimes they send me suggestions, which is also nice.

And do you follow these suggestions?

Of course! There are people who send me things even tours. This social networking, rather than the idea of ​​being influencer, is a sharing of knowledge. It is to feel that you have a world in which you are the ruler. And it's not just me who has this world, anybody can have.

Most of the girls who are influencers nowadays have not started to do television. They started having their YouTube channels, their social networks, and people started to follow because they identify with something or simply because they are inspired.

The fact is that more and more people are attracted to the blogosphere. Does everyone have the legitimacy to talk about fashion?

Yes. One of the most beautiful things in fashion is that anyone can use and can talk about. It's one thing to speak in a professional context, analyze trends, talk about when a designer changes from one house to another, then we're talking about fashion history and it takes a little more knowledge of the facts, as is necessary in any area. If you ask me about cooking, I'm not the best person to answer, but I can tell if the food is good or not according to my taste because like every day. All people dress, everyone has their own taste and they have the right to express their opinions and to perceive what they identify with. Fashion for the masses is not something that irritates me. It is a sign that something is being done well. If there is a large slice of the population that likes it, it is because it is going well. I think there have to be niches, but things that are made for the masses are also quite interesting. You do not have to know everything about everything, you have to feel that for you that makes sense and fashion is one of those things. Everyone has the right to say something and it does not bother me at all.

We still have to grow up and show the world that we exist

Is it easy to focus on fashion in Portugal?

It is difficult because we have no scale and it is soon more difficult for international brands to invest in Portugal as much as would be desirable. We are a small country and although we have a lot of tourism, those who buy here also go to other capitals. I feel that our scale is still small.

The same goes for the Portuguese designers: We still have to grow up and show the world that we exist. We have to produce in greater quantity to make things more accessible. It also has to do with the consuming mass. We are few and we will never be much more, but if we start exporting we can increase the way everything happens. It is always a matter of scale.

What are your biggest inspirations?

I like very different things. Alicia Vikander, who now lives here in Portugal, I think she is an extraordinary actress. Alexa Chung is the person I most admire. In spite of having many ancestry, it is very British and I like this black humor because I think fashion does not have to be boring or it has to be taken too seriously. I like Cara Delevingne because I think the girl is completely crazy and I love it.

At the designers level, I really like Filipe Faísca, Dino Alves, Nuno Baltazar, Alexandra Moura. It is very difficult to say just one. Luís Carvalho, who is a great friend of mine, has made an extraordinary journey. In five years it has grown exponentially.

In the international field I like many brands, especially Dior now with this new creative director [Maria Grazia], I think she brought a breath of fresh air to the mark. I like the way you work the materials, how you believe in the power of women, how you respect … You respect the world in which you are inserted. I think this is good: Do not overlay your art to the world in which you live, respect the ecosystem.

Clothes are usually the experience or dream of the designer.

When you see derisory pieces in the passerelle can you understand them or do you think 'you would never use that'?

Do not say no to nothing. Clothes are usually the experience or dream of the designer. [Qualquer peça] at some point it may make sense. There are things that may not fit the body, but I always try to understand beyond that. There are things I would never wear because it was unthinkable to walk with such a piece on the street, but they are genius by the way they are built and made. They are authentic works of art and this is how I see most of the clothes.

What trend would you be unable to use?

Just the crocs, I think I like everything else.

Some [semanas da moda] out there do not reach the heels of ModaLisboa

He has been present at several fashion weeks, namely Milan and Paris. Is Moda Lisboa on the verge of competing with foreign editions?

I think it is. Some out there do not reach the heels of ModaLisboa. Sometimes the only difference is the unlimited budget. Because with an unlimited budget you can make an incredible parade anywhere. [As edições estrangeiras] while organization are extraordinary and are much further ahead. In the 1980s they began to do things that we were far from imagining. They are really good, but the only difference is that you have more or less money. That's just it.

What I want to do in the future is to write, produce and do things as a businesswoman

There is a stigma regarding digital influencers and for many people digital activities are still not seen as a profession. What do you have to say about this?

I think this idea will always happen, but at the same time it is good, it is a sign that you are selling the "dream". It is not something that annoys me. Caroline Daur, for example, is a self-made woman. The girl is 22 years old and has no agency, she makes the contracts all. She works with the biggest international brands, did the MAC campaign, negotiates everything, works from morning to night to get everything she has. That is, it depends a lot on the way you approach your work. People are beginning to realize much better how digital influencers work. I also started recently, two years ago. It seems longer, but it is not. My main profession is to be a television presenter and what I want to do in the future is to write, produce and do things as an entrepreneur – accessories and the like. But I think that digital influencers will be increasingly understood because social networks have not been around for so long and it's a process.

I want to spend more time with him, but it's only because he's the person I chose to be by my side

How do you reconcile so much travel with marriage?

It's difficult, but with love everything can be achieved. My husband and I respect each other very much, we do not try to change ourselves, we accept ourselves as we are and, above all, we want each other's professional success. If I miss you? Have. If I want to calm down a little and I want to turn to a more business front because of this? I want. I want to spend more time with him, but it's only because he's the person I chose to be by my side.

Does the husband get involved in his projects?

He is shy, but gives me many opinions as I do in his life. We shared a lot. I'm more dreamy and he has a more business perspective. Sometimes I set foot on the land that was something I needed.

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