“I never asked for the absolute majority. I will never blackmail the Portuguese, ”says António Costa – Jornal Económico

Antonio Costa assumes that he never asked for an absolute majority. The prime minister says in an interview with “TVI” that “this is not a thing to ask”, and that he will never do “any blackmail with the Portuguese”.

Asked what it was like to form the 'contraption' in this legislature with PCP and Left Bloc, António Costa says that “the PS has been the balancing factor that allowed this government experience to have gone well”, noting that “we identified a set of points which we knew we could do together, ”he says.

Antonio Costa recalls that one of the ways things worked out was that parties respected each other despite the differences between them. "No one demanded the PCP to defend Portugal's participation in NATO, nor the PS to leave the eurozone," he says.

Faced with whether to ask an absolute majority from the Portuguese in the October 6 legislative elections, António Costa says that “I never asked for an absolute majority. The Portuguese will say which vote the PS should have. I will never blackmail the Portuguese. ”

The prime minister assumes that “it would be arrogant of me to say that I will only govern under certain conditions”, adding that “the Portuguese do not like absolute majorities”.

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