“I regret the state that Portuguese football has reached”

“I regret the state that Portuguese football has reached”

Archive-Carlos Jorge Monteiro-President of Académica ensures that the club is attentive to arbitrations

"Let football be real". The appeal of the Académica president leaves no room for many doubts.
“We have our faults and our responsibilities in everything, the good and the bad. We will analyze internally what is going on with good and bad with us, we cannot do the same with others, but whoever has that responsibility has to do it ”, says Pedro Roxo.
The manager demands “respect” for the Academic. “We demand respect and we are going to make sure that respect is fulfilled, because this is being a puppet and is being the puppet of the custom”, he adds.
The “outburst”, at the end of the game with Varzim, points the finger at the referees 'choices and the referees' performances: “See what has happened in the 2nd League in recent years, see where the referees are from certain places and the arbitrations they do. That's what I say. Pay attention to all fields and let football be real ”.
Pedro Roxo says he would like to have a “league of truth” in the 2nd League and regrets “the state that Portuguese football has reached”.
In other words, the manager guarantees that the problem is not related to one or the other games, but something systemic. “I'm not talking about any specific Academic game here. Furthermore, last week Académica lost. I had a chance to congratulate the referee at the end of the game. This has nothing to do with our results. It has to do with all fields and it has to do with Académica being attentive to what is going on in certain fields ”.

The president says that Académica is attentive to “everything”. "I hope the others are, too," he adds. And he leaves an alert: “look where certain referees were, what the results were, what happened in certain fields and I repeat. I repeat, we will be attentive to what is happening in all fields of the 2nd League. We have been up to today and we will be in the future ”.

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