"I suffered a lot of pressure from envious actresses. They plotted against me."

"I suffered a lot of pressure from envious actresses. They plotted against me."

Brazilian actress recalled the success she achieved in starring in the novel 'Tieta'.

Betty Faria, 77, was on Saturday the 23rd in the 'High Definition' program for a long conversation with Daniel Oliveira, where she reviewed her prestigious career.

He starred in the iconic novel 'Tieta' in 1989. At the time, he became one of the most famous actresses in Brazil. A success that also brought him the hardships of those who hit the star: envy and jealousy of colleagues.

"I was under a lot of pressure from jealous fellow actors. They plotted against me and I worked so hard that I did not understand ", begins by counting.

The colleagues complained to the producers. They claimed, for example, that it took too long to change clothes. "It's things I have not forgotten about fellow actresses," she recalls.

"I had pneumonia in the middle of the novel [Tieta] and they doubted it was a pneumonia ", he says, admitting that the envy of colleagues is, in his opinion, the saddest side of the artistic milieu.

"What has always been very difficult for me was to see the women's competition in the artistic world," he laments, admitting that when this competition was felt it was "sad."

"The competition's success and protagonism are for strong people", stresses.

With the envy of which she speaks, came the critics, the ones she admits to never letting her see how beautiful she was.

It was in 2013 that he returned to feel the weight of the negative comments, when at age 72 decided to go to the beach in bikini. "It was a moment of collective stupidity, of envy. I was not that ugly ""she says, recalling that many told her she was too old to wear a bikini.

Despite the controversy that was created at the time around the theme, Betty Faria asserts like all the certainty that this was a necessary evil. "It gave strength, encouraged other women not to be ashamed of getting old," he says.

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