"I think we have shown the Lacobrigense race …"

"I think we have shown the Lacobrigense race ..."

Hugo Pereira, Mayor of Lagos, in an exclusive interview with diariOnline South Region newspaper, after a little more than a year of pandemic, he took stock and state of affairs about his county stating that "I think we have shown the Lacobrigense race …" and that at the moment the situation is under control but reinforced that "We can't let our guard down …".

Regarding what had to change in the initial plans of the mandate, due to the pandemic, the Lacobrigense mayor said that “We had to re-analyze the way of acting, to understand what this was and what dimension it could have…” but above all “Stop to think, prepare the means to act for the pandemic, but above all we look to the future and put into motion what we had promised…”

Regarding the announced candidacy as head of list for a new term as president, Hugo Pereira made few disclosures but promised to reveal a great team and a program that will contribute above all so that Lagos distinguishes itself as it deserves, together with the region.


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