"I want you so much!": Another aviary chicken from the Portuguese cinema wanting to go through field chicken

"I want you so much!": Another aviary chicken from the Portuguese cinema wanting to go through field chicken

After his "triumphant" passage in theaters, "The Crime …" was broadcast in its natural habitat and serial format. As? Because the project was initially this, a series, which only with a few cuts and sewing became, deceptively, a "movie".

Many followed this registration and creation process, such as "Bairro", "Amália" and the trilogy of the modernized classics signed by Leonel Vieira and his troupe, "The Patio of Cantigas", "The Lion of the Star" and "The Song of Lisbon ", which still win the first of the" most watched national films "podium. It is a two-in-one method, in terms of resources and returns from various branches, which only strengthens a commensal relationship between the two universes, television and film.

"I want you so much!", This new work of Alves de Ó, is nothing more than an aviary chicken posing as a field chicken.

It is a fantasy that aspires to reproduce American models, but ends up quoting the dialect of TV (I) in all its composure. From the almost fragmented narrative to "sketches" of a basic humor and condescending that even for caricature serve, to a planning that crosses academism and only pindérico. And, finally, the wide range of actors and actresses (Benedita Pereira, Pedro Teixeira …), who are no more than recognizable faces of this "little world" of generalist channels.

But "I want you so much!" Will not be the last copy of this lineage, it's just the latest visualization of an endless vicious cycle that is to approach the idea of ​​successful national commercial cinema with what is practiced on the small screen. Yes, they work for the internal market, because, in these terms, there are no cross-border arguments here.

Just to conclude, and since we live in a current situation that seeks to exorcise the great "cinematographic sins", in particular the question of representability, I think we deserve an explanation: why, in the middle of 2019, we still have Alexandra Lencastre interpreting a Chinese seer called Ping Pong?

"No comments!"

"I Want You So Much!": In cinemas on April 18th.

Review: Hugo Gomes


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