“I will not be a presidential candidate either in the next elections or in any other”, guarantees António Costa – O Jornal Económico

“Surely it can be made clear, not to feed any taboo, that I do not intend to be a presidential candidate in the next or any other [eleições]. Everyone has a vocation for what he has and my vocation is not that, ”said the socialist leader, after addressing the refusal of an invitation to a top position at European level and his political future after leaving São Bento.

Costa explained that at the time he was invited to a European post (presidency of the European Council, according to reports in national and foreign newspapers), "could not accept" because he had "a commitment to the country".

"I would not like to leave this work in half," he said, pointing to the "Agenda for the Decade", which the PS presented to the elections in 2015, which "needs to be continued."

My concentration is 100% in the country. It is for this function that I am 100% available to fulfill it by 2023 ″, he emphasized, although noting that it is necessary to wait for the result of the legislatures to know if he will remain ahead of the executive.

As for a post in Europe, Costa has not completely closed the door, merely saying that he does not know if he will receive another invitation.

“We'll see what happens next. I have never organized my life thinking about what I am going to do next, I have always organized myself by focusing 100 percent on what I am doing at any given moment. And what I am doing is being prime minister of the 21st Constitutional Government and candidate for deputy and prime minister of the next government, ”he concluded.

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