IAAF will simplify the recognition of neutral athletes & # 039;

IAAF will simplify the recognition of neutral athletes & # 039;

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) announced today that it will simplify the rules of the forms for athletes who will compete in 2019 with the status of 'neutral', a situation that essentially affects the Russians.

In a note released today, the IAAF goes on to say that those who have already competed in 2018 as 'neutral' will only have to fill out this form, continuing to be considered 'clean' doping athletes, being able to participate in international meetings and international championships, namely the World Cup.

The new rules also apply to athletes who have not yet obtained authorization and only now advance to the individual situation.

On December 4, the IAAF decided not to lift the suspension of the Russian Federation (ARAF), and was thus faced with the management of the problem created by the regulation of individual athletes – only 200 requests have been received in the last two weeks.

In the year that is now ending, the IAAF declared a total of 73 athletes as eligible to compete as 'neutral' and refused 68 applications. There were also six revoked authorizations and several cases of non-compliance with deadlines.

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