ICT 2018: Artificial Intelligence "in the manner of Europe" must have ethics and transparency. And More Investment – Computers

ICT 2018: Artificial Intelligence "in the manner of Europe" must have ethics and transparency. And More Investment - Computers

In April the European Union presented a development plan for Artificial Intelligence but its development is already bearing fruit. Friday will be released the plan of action and by the end of the year should be published draft ethical recommendations.

Europe has a well-prepared community of Artificial Intelligence researchers, but it lags far behind in investment capacity, and especially in the private component. While China invests 8 billion and the United States 15 billion in this area, in Europe the investment does not exceed 3 billion, and those in charge of the European Union want to change the situation. The goal is to reach 20 billion annual investment by combining the budget for the Digital Europe program, Horizon Europe and private investment.

In Europe's plans, the Digital Innovation Hubs are also energized, with the possibility of small and medium-sized companies testing in various areas of application, as well as preparing society for the changes that the transformation will bring in the way we use services, but also jobs. And for everything to work, confidence is needed in technology, which must be achieved through regulation, ethics and transparency.

Khalil Rouhana, director of DG Connect, made it clear at the ICT 2018 conference that trust is one of the values ​​that Europe can bring to artificial intelligence technology. "We want an AI that brings guarantees of transparency, democracy, security. An IA that is for all and at the service of a better society and that helps to take a step forward, "he says, ensuring that these principles guided the strategy announced in April this year.

In recent months, DG Connect has been working with various stakeholders and member states to develop the defined lines of action, and this Friday will announce a concerted strategy for public-private investment, which defines the form of collaboration, align the strategic areas and the points that need critical mass of investment.

Another of the announcements made by Khalil Rouhana is related to the ethical guidelines for Artificial Intelligence, which should be published, still draft, by the end of the year. The document results from the IA level working group which has 52 experts in the field but also the contributions of the industry and the academic community.

"If we want to have a role to play in how AI is going to evolve we have to have a strong industrial capacity, a research community and technological presence in AI and its use," warns the director of DG Connect, reminding once again that this is only possible with investment.

During the debate, several participants reinforced the idea of ​​transparency, but also of keeping Human in charge, as Catelijne Muller, the president of ALLAI in the Netherlands, stressed. Also Cecilia Bonfeld-dahl of Digital Europe, defended a positive vision and the definition of a clear strategy. "We have to know what we want with Artificial Intelligence. If we want to talk about ethics we have to know first where we are going, "he said.

A conference focused on innovation

More than 5,000 researchers, companies and decision-makers are registered for ICT 2018 from 4 to 6 in Vienna, with more than 100 parallel sessions of conferences and debates, networking and exhibition space, featuring the main European projects investigation.

There are also marathons for ideas and the forum for innovation and startups, workshops and several side events dedicated to research, financing and innovation.

Organized jointly by the European Commission and the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the ICT 2018 theme is Imagine Digital – Connect Europe and the aim is for the discussion to help define the priorities of digital transformation in society and industry as well. of meeting point for researchers and companies involved in European R & D.

In the exhibition area, some of the major projects funded by the European programs are present and on 5 and 6 the Innovation and Startups Forum hosts sessions dedicated to more technical topics such as the blockchain and the delivery of the Innovation Radar awards.

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