Idaí: Mozambican Maritime Defense Zainadine leaves message of support

Idaí: Mozambican Maritime Defense Zainadine leaves message of support

The international Mozambican footballer of the Marítimo Zainadine Júnior left today a message of support to his native country, that suffered with the passage of cyclone Idai.

"I came to give a strong hug to all the victims of Cyclone Idai, which passed mainly through the city of Beira. I was only to give my support and wish a lot of strength to all the victims of cyclone Idai," he said in the official emblem page insular on the social network Twitter.

The 30-year-old central defender began his career at the Maputo Sports Group, where he spent between 2006 and 2012, having also played in the Maputo Sports League in 2013.

The arrival of Zainadine, 43 times international for Mozambique, with a goal scored, to Portuguese football happened in the 2013/14 season, to represent another Madeiran team, Nacional, curiously the next opponent of the Marítimo, for the 27th round of the I League, in the derby, which will be played on Sunday.

Cyclone Idai's passage into Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi caused at least 762 deaths, according to the most recent official balance sheets.

In Mozambique, the number of confirmed dead rose to 447 in Zimbabwe, 259 were killed and in Malawi the authorities recorded 56 dead.

Mozambique's Minister of Land and Environment, Celso Correia, said on Sunday that these figures are still provisional, as the level of water goes down as more bodies appear.

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