"If Costa does not want to divulge information, it has something to hide" – Jornal Econômico

"If Costa does not want to divulge information, it has something to hide" - Jornal Econômico

"Let us remember that António Costa was the minister who negotiated and renegotiated SIRESP. Therefore, if you do not want to divulge information, it is because there is something to hide, "he said.

Assunção Cristas was referring to a report released on Saturday by the Público newspaper, according to which the Ministry of Internal Affairs was summoned by the Administrative Court of the Lisbon Circle to provide a set of information required by the publication, including a report on the failures of the national emergency network – SIRESP during the fire in Pedrógão Grande.

The CDS-PP leader thus criticized the executive's "lack of transparency", speaking of "a government that does not deliver the information and that it needs to be urged by a court to give information on relevant matters related to the fires of Pedrógão Great".

Speaking to a few hundred militants participating in a dinner in Felgueiras, in the Oporto district, Assunção Cristas added: "At this point [falta de transparência], unfortunately, we already knew António Costa, even when he was mayor of Lisbon. It is well known that, even at the request of the court, until the last instance, he tried to keep all the information that is not convenient for him. "
"Yes, António Costa and his government deserve to be censored in the May elections, which are already the first. They deserve to see a red card, "said the president of CDS-PP.

Cristas defended that the Government deserves, "also to be censored" already in the European elections, "by the promiscuity between the State and the great socialist family".

"The Socialist Party uses and abuses. Enter the state as if it were your home. First, at ease, then the little one. What we have is a Socialist Party that accommodates your family in a scandalous number and that leads us to look and ask when this has a limit, "he said.

The Christian Democrat leader went on to say that censorship of the government must occur in order to "realize that the state is not the home of some parties." Cristas also considered that the European and legislative elections will be the moment "for all the Portuguese that do not appear in this Government to censor it, in an absolutely clear and unequivocal way".

"It is time to say that you are not happy with this Government, what you have been doing in Europe, it is enough to see that we have the worst execution of EU funds, but also the worst work at national level," he said, reaffirming that CDS is a "very strong opposition to the Socialist Government and the Government of the united left."

"We are a very strong opposition to a European list [do PS] headed by a former minister who is the champion of divestment in our country, "he added.

"For some reason, the prime minister is always after him [Pedro Marques] and seeks, somehow, to hide it or silence its presence, "he said.

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