If measures were not taken immediately, there would be a risk of supply disruptions – ALGFUTURO

If measures were not taken immediately, there would be a risk of supply disruptions - ALGFUTURO

– There is water, but action is needed NOW, participants at TAVIRA Session considered

– DAY 4 (SATURDAY), 3 pm, SESSION at the Faro Municipal Library (Rector of UALG, Mayors and President Algfuturo)

It was with the Tavira Municipality Library Hall packed, congratulated for the initiative but in a "heavy" environment, which started this weekend the biggest debate ever about the water problem in the Algarve.

It is a joint action of the ALGARVE UNIVERSITY and ALGFUTURO, the session being chaired Host Mayor Paula Martins, the representation of the Organizing Committee, by dr. José Vitorino, who spoke at the outset, as did the representative of the Mayor of Castro Marim, dr. Dinis Sparkle.

Participation was completely open to all opinions and at the end participants were given the dominant outline, which you realize in this brief summary.

The debate was raised, but was characterized by a certain revolt from the participantsas there are several solutions for water supply, unfortunately in the last half century it has all been very slow and incomplete and in the last decade there has been virtually no progress in increasing available water (despite large increases in consumption) and now the situation is severe drought. Among other examples, it was pointed out the important and consensual dam of Foupana and the small and medium dams in the mountain area, always postponed.

In this context, the aim of the promoters of the initiative in a INTEGRATED GLOBAL PLAN FOR ALGARVE WATER RESOURCES was considered adequate, taking stock of medium and long term needs and supply resources.

However, being the threat of actual disruption, we cannot wait for the completion of the Plan. Therefore, with a call to save water and regardless of recent rain and any other rain that may fall, projects must be prepared immediately and funds made available to trigger full-gas works to respond to possible water shortages.

You can't wait to see if it rains, because the risks would be too high.

Several solutions and measures, which will be presented to public entities and will be disclosed in due course. Meanwhile Debates continue throughout the Algarve.

It was considered that the Water saving is fundamental, but the PLAN cannot compromise the overall supply, tourism or the diversification of the productive fabric, particularly in agriculture.. On the other hand, farmers, properly organized, Broader competences should be allocated to the management of dams with water for agricultural purposes.

It was particularly recommended to the Organizing Committee to underline to tourists and investors that the Algarve has potential resources for needs.



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