“If the guideline is not the right one, the effort is inglorious”, says CDS-PP leader – Jornal Económico

CDS-PP president of Sines, Paulo Freitas, believes that the resignation of Christian Democrat President Asunción Cristas was "dignified", given that the guideline was not "correct". Paulo Freitas considers that Asunción Cristas' strategy and posture were not appropriate and led to the non-election of Nuno Magalhães as deputy.

“I know that Asunción Cristas has done its best, but as I said, if the guideline is not correct, the effort is inglorious. Your departure was at least dignified. We need another leader. Defend the principles. That retrieves flags. The programmatic lines will have to be assertive and straightforward, ”writes Paulo Freitas, in a message published on the social network Facebook.

The CDS-PP leader believes that "Parliament is more left than it already was" and recalls that there is a right "there is competition". “The CDS-PP is Right Wing. End. You can't please everyone, just as the other side doesn't please everyone either. There are pillars that have to be defended, whatever the cost, because that's what they expect from us, ”he explains.

Paulo Freitas also notes that “there is something that many forget”: “the party is not a pseudo elite; it is the foundations and the foundations that are the foundation of the party. ” “There are no councils in every county in the country, and I know of cases where there are removal of militants. Local presence and power are the basis for governance challenges, ”says the Christian Democrat.

The Christian Democrat says he wrote a letter, shortly after the May European elections, "criticizing the leader's strategy and stance, and did not foresee that the legislatures would go well, unless there were changes in the guidelines." However, there was no change.

“You have to get a goose bump. Go get new faces that identify. Those who walked away. And bring all Christians to this which is your home. It's not CDU, BE and PS that are your home. It's CDS, ”he says, still believing that“ CDS will recover and assert itself again ”.

Paulo Freitas also regrets that Deputy Nuno Magalhães, who has been leader of the centrist bench since 2011. “The CDS-PP lost his deputy by the district of Setúbal, Nuno Magalhães. The district loses an experienced, knowledgeable and proactive deputy. It's a huge loss, ”he says.

In Sunday's parliamentary elections, Christian Democrats had 4.2 percent of the vote, the worst ever CDS-PP result in legislatures. The parliamentary group, which until now consists of 18 deputies, will now have only five deputies (João Almeida, Asunción Cristas, Ana Rita Bessa, Cecilia Meirelles and Telmo Correia). After announcing the resignation of the leadership of the CDS-PP, the centrist leader did not say, however, if she will remain as a member of the Assembly of the Republic.

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