IFA 2019: next @ acer with new notebooks and "breakthrough technology" – News

IFA 2019: next @ acer with new notebooks and "breakthrough technology" - News

Although it was not known which new technology products Acer would bring to Berlin, where the IFA is taking place, the manufacturer put a cryptic message in its Twitter account days ago: “concepts make up ideas, and ideas make up beauty”, inviting to your conference at the event, with a picture of a Big Bang, with a laptop in the background, claiming the “genesis of creativity”. What is certain is that Acer was expected to announce its first notebooks based on Intel's tenth generation of processors, mentioned on the company's own website. And who knows, new notebooks from the Predator line.

Jason Chen, CEO of Acer, has taken the stage to confirm new products for the Christmas lineup for laptops, whether for the consumer, entertainment and business segments. The company has thus introduced a new alignment of Chromebooks with Google Assistant support, among them the Acer Chromebook Enterprise, as indeed Dell had previously announced on its computers.

The Swift 5 notebook has also been confirmed, with the manufacturer continuing to offer the slimmest and lightest notebook after Swift 7, Swift 1 and Swift 3. It has 990 grams, under 4mm bezels and promises a autonomy longer than 10 hours. The small notebook has been simplistic in design, but it is meant to be powerful, with a 10th generation Intel i7 processor (joining Intel's Project Athena) and an NVidia MX250 graphics card. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi 6, ready for the next generation of wireless connections. You will be able to use voice to interact with the computer through Cortana.

Aimed at creators, many who use their smartphones to record videos vertically. That's why Acer introduced the C250i projector for sharing Full HD images wirelessly from videos that have been recorded vertically. The projector is simultaneously a smart audio speaker. In practice, the system detects any angle of the videos, and thanks to its “twisted” shape, it can project to the ceiling, a wall or any other surface by simply placing the device in its position, which the image adapts to.

After introducing the ConceptD line in New York, Acer now introduces ConceptD 3, designed for YouTube video creators and graphic designers. It has a ninth generation Intel Core i7 processor, and a GTX 1650 graphics. The new ConceptD 5 has been “refreshed” with the new RTX 2060 graphics cards.

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