IFixit has already dismantled Google's $ 400 phone and the result is … 6 – Equipment

IFixit has already dismantled Google's $ 400 phone and the result is ... 6 - Equipment

On the usual note accompanying the ever-impressive images of the disassemblies, iFixit says it is "a bit overwhelmed, a bit confusing and feeling like it's in 2016 again." Google phones have almost always received good ratings from the company that dismantles whatever comes in handy to check whether or not the devices are easy to repair – following its do-it-yourself logic that promotes users' ability to do most of the component replacements at home.

The Pixel 3a has just been announced by Google and in addition to being a refreshing renovation of the top of the brand, price has been one of the highlights. Positioning a mobile phone with the characteristics of the Pixel 3a in the $ 400 is a de facto statement by Google, at a time when the main brands are pointing to much more stratospheric prices, above 900 euros.

Among the highlights of this "autopsy" to the smartphone, iFixit notes that, unlike speculation, the Pixel 3a and the 3a XL have OLED screens made by Samsung and not by LG. And this is seen as a plus point, as earlier versions have had some problems with LG's OLEDs. Even so, the organization notes that the display is thin and under-supported.

Another highlight is the battery, which has 11.55 Wh, in an upgrade to the 11.2 Wh of the Pixel 3. Even so, there are points below the iPhone XR and the SamsungS10e that have 11.16 Wh and 11.94 Wh, respectively.

But not everything is good news: there is no battery charging wirelessly and there is no protection against dust and liquid, which causes iFixit to say that it seems to be 2016 again.

In the end the note is 6 in 10, one of the best indexes of the new generation of high-end Android smartphones.

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