IKI Mobile has new smartphones and cork continues to be one of the bets of the Portuguese brand – Mobile

IKI Mobile has new smartphones and cork continues to be one of the bets of the Portuguese brand - Mobile

The use of the material "made in Portugal" is one of the hallmarks of the launch of IKI Mobile smartphones, and the idea remains in line with the strategy of the company, which launches new models today.

The main highlight goes to the Bless Plus model, which was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​but only now reaches the stores. The smartphone has a 5.9-inch screen and is available in four colors, with different combinations between the frame and the cork that lines the back cover of the device. There is also a smaller model, the Bless, with more modest technical characteristics but with the same philosophy.

Smartphones are now being shown at the Databox Fair, which takes place at Oporto Customs, but SAPO TEK already had access to new equipment, and is already experiencing Bless Plus, which shows a significant evolution compared to the first IKI Mobile smartphone with cork, the KF5 Bless Cork Edition.

Tito Cardoso, CEO of IKI Mobile, explained in an interview with SAPO TEK that the number of orders has been surprising, from several countries, and that the first 6,000 units produced from Bless Plus are sold out, but that the factory in Coruche is already produce new units.

In addition to the two new Bless models, IKI Mobile also puts new smartphones on the market today, which the brand manager ensures will set a new stage. There are two new entry-level Easy models and three Go models, 4.5, 5 and 5.5 inches. These do not use cork and have brighter colors on the covers, but Tito Cardoso ensures that sustainability is maintained, as part of the brand's principles, and IKI Mobile's design.

In addition to the sale on the open market, IKI Mobile also has some production agreements for other brands (OEM and ODM), namely with Marroco Telecom and in Portugal with Worten.

SAPO TEK, the CEO of IKI Mobile, does not hide the objective of expanding the presence of the brand globally, and stresses that the Coruche plant is one of the key points in this objective, allowing to scale production to new levels, although they have to be made some adjustments.

Prices are also one of the key elements in IKI Mobile's strategy, as well as the "Made in Portugal" brand and production at the factory opened this year in Coruche.

The Bless Plus costs 360 euros, with a Helio P20 Octa Core processor, fingerprint recognition, C-type fast charger and 16 MP cameras on the rear and 8 MP front. The Bless model costs 169 euros and the Go range has a cost of around 130 euros, the price of the Go 5.

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