In a mood of nostalgia, Guardiola recalls the passage through "my Barcelona"

In a mood of nostalgia, Guardiola recalls the passage through "my Barcelona"

During a sports festival in Italy, Pep Guardiola gave an interview in which he spoke of the four years in which he was in charge of Barcelona – between 2008 and 2012. Proud of what has won the service of the Spanish champion, the current coach of Manchester City ensures that training the 'Blaugrana' is something that only 'happens once in a lifetime'.

"I've won the Champions League twice in Barcelona, ​​and I've won seven of them, for example, Xavi, Iniesta, Valdés , who came to the club with seven, eight years.The team was a combination of stars and achievements like those, happen once in a lifetime, "he began by saying.

"It happens once in a lifetime," he said, "if we continue reading our history in the books for twenty years, it's a sign we left something." The club had confidence in me, coming from the youth groups and the players identified. to buy big players and the best player in the world, by far, "speaking of Lionel Messi.

"He is an introverted person, he is a competitive and ferocious animal, who helps those around him to be better, is a big game player, he hates to lose, he plays like when he was little and in big events, if the team accompanies him , makes the difference, "he said.

As for the current emblem and the possibility of winning the Champions League for the City, Guardiola recalled that "our biggest feat was a semi-final, the truth is that we do not know if we are prepared. it's just a matter of coaching, players, club, supporters … It's believing we can win and honestly I do not know how we are at this level. "

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