In addition to the fine, Facebook may have to put executives on privacy issues – News

In addition to the fine, Facebook may have to put executives on privacy issues - News

Politico adds information that Mark Zuckerberg will be able to tinker with Facebook's management as one of the measures being negotiated with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in order to introduce executives to the company's security and privacy. This measure will be part of the sanctions that the social network is subject to, in the order of billions of dollars, in the aftermath of the Cambdridge Analytica affair.

Negotiations can still be changed until their conclusion, but at the table is the possibility of the FTC appoint official names for the creation of independent supervision in the social network, which will also include members of the Facebook framework.

The source of the publication also notes that, separately, Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg can also take on the role of "compliance officer" (head compliance officer), that is, assume full responsibility for the privacy policies of the company. Information also advanced by The New York Times.

These measures will not freeze Facebook from paying the heavy fine, estimated at between $ 3 billion and $ 5 billion, whose source underscores that it is close to the heaviest estimate. The suit seeks to understand whether data sharing with Cambridge Analytica violates the agreement made in 2011 with the FTC relating to safeguarding the privacy of users of the social network.

Recall that the UK had a heavy hand on the same case, having applied to Facebook in October 2018 the "maximum penalty" for data breach, worth 560 thousand euros (500 thousand pounds). In violation of the legislation was the access to the information of the users without any "consent" of the same. The UK authorities have accused Mark Zuckerberg's company of not doing enough to warn users to protect themselves and to take appropriate action.

Earlier this week Facebook unveiled new features for its social networks, which include Instagram and WhatsApp, revealing a focus on privacy. This includes a complete redesign of the Facebook application, called F5, as well as a new web page design and web app, scheduled for the end of the year.

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