In Lagos, awards and scholarships will have different rules

Odemira awards 74,800 euros in scholarships

Since September 2017, the new municipal regulation for the awarding of education prizes and scholarships has been in force, allowing the Lagos council to reward the academic merit of primary school students and support young people in Lacobrigenses to continue their studies in the University education.

In the aftermath of the applications analysis meetings and the ranking of students to be supported in the current academic year, the Competition Jury once again assessed the adequacy of the regulation to social, school and economic reality, having identified some aspects that justify a review of the Regulation.

For the Jury «the tendency to reduce the degree courses with Integrated Master; the irregularity of the candidates' educational path, often interrupted for economic reasons, making some of the students only manage to achieve this training value after 30 years of age; and the need to standardize criteria in terms of the degree of demand with regard to academic achievement, in comparison with the criterion adopted by the General Directorate of Higher Education »; these are aspects that deserve review.

"In order for this instrument to be fully effective and to support students who really need that help", the municipality decided to start the procedure for amending the regulation. The following proposals are part of the project already presented: to include courses leading to a Master's Degree (Level 7) with regard to the “Object”; widen the age range of candidates from 30 to 40 years of age and change the minimum qualification, in higher education, from 45 to 36 ECTS, as conditions for admission to the competition.

The current Regulation already accepted applications from students to attend Level 7 courses, but only regarding Degree Programs with Integrated Master's. The extension of the candidates' age aims to promote lifelong learning, without neglecting the younger age groups.

The proposal also intends to improve the criteria for the attribution of Education Awards, namely with regard to tie situations.

The draft amendment to the Regulations will now be submitted to the Public Consultation process and subsequently referred to the Municipal Assembly, and it is expected that the various stages will be concluded so that these changes take effect and may be applied as early as the next academic year 2020 / 2021.

In the 2019/2020 academic year of the 87 candidates, 72 young people received a scholarship, most (55 students) according to the socioeconomic status criterion (students with per capita income equal to or less than the Social Support Index) clausus, and 17 students by the mixed criterion (students who have a per capita income between 1 and 1.5 of the value of the Social Support Index and school merit), thus covering, with their financial support, all eligible students.

The scholarship is paid during the ten months of the academic year in order to ensure that no young person from Lacobrigense is deprived of attending higher education for economic reasons. A bet that the municipality makes "promotion and educational development of the population, an essential pillar of social cohesion".


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