In May, the Algarve will have an invasion of chefs – Current

In May, the Algarve will have an invasion of chefs - Current

For the ninth year, chefs working in the Algarve join the same event, Algarve Chefs Week, in 2019 under the theme "À Raiz do Sabor". Over the course of a week, from May 13 to 19, the menus will be tested at restaurants in Algarve, installed in hotels. All the participating chefs submit their dishes to a common theme, drawing inspiration from the cuisine and products of the region.

Of the 14 hotels participating in this year's edition of the Algarve Chefs Week The hotel is located in the center of Vilamoura, close to Vilamoura, Vilamoura, Vilamoura, Vilamoura, Vilamoura and Vilamoura. Algarve Resort, Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort, Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, Tivoli Carvoeiro, Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, NAU Salgados Palace.

As for the chefs, we can count on the kitchens, among others, Miguel Lourenço, André Basto, Luís Batalha, Diogo Pereira, David Domingues, José Leitão, Vítor Monteiro.

Meals are € 30.00 per participant, which does not include drinks (€ 40.00 with wines included). One euro reverts to a social cause.

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