In the day of Star Wars, know all the news on TheForce.Net – Site of the day

In the day of Star Wars, know all the news on TheForce.Net - Site of the day

Since 2011, May 4 has been chosen by fans of Star Wars to mark and celebrate their interest in the saga created by George Lucas (transforming the well-known "May the Force be with you" in "May the Fourth be with you" ). A little around the world, there are movie marathons, parades and other initiatives. Also the Star Wars websites make a point of joining the date, from the official page to the countless fan sites.

TheForce.Net, also known as TFN, is one of the oldest and most popular Star Wars fan-created websites. With the slogan "your daily dose of Star Wars," the site was founded in 1996 as "Texas A & M University's Star Wars Page", by fans of the saga Scott Chitwood and Darin Smith.

In the beginning, TheForce.Net was essentially used as a means to share "spoilers" about the prequels that were being produced. However, as it grew, it was progressively focused on more conventional news and the latest news related to the entire Star Wars universe.

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The main page of TheForce.Net is dedicated to the presentation of the latest news. There are categories dedicated to movies, television, literature, games and the fan community. Some of these categories have special sections. For example, in the television category you can find detailed analyzes of each episode of the TV series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", just as in the category of literature one can access a schedule of linked book releases Star Wars, as well as their criticism.

In addition to its main role as a Star Wars news site, TheForce.Net also includes a rich multimedia archive where you can find fan-made works, including posters and videos. The site also has a forum where fans of the saga can exchange ideas and information, and podcasts with the latest news, such as The Forcecast or Jedi Journals.

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