In the first months of the year sold less smartphones but Huawei grows 44.5% – Business

In the first months of the year sold less smartphones but Huawei grows 44.5% - Business

Gartner data was released yesterday and shows a drop in sales that is common in the first three months of the year, but that was more pronounced between January and March. In total, 373 million smartphones were sold worldwide compared to the 383 million registered in the same period of 2018.

The numbers are in line with what IDC released in early May, which already referred to the same growth trend as Huawei.

According to the consultant's accounts, more than 4.14 million mobile phones were sold per day, and Samsung maintains the lead with 71.62 million devices marketed. As was the case in previous quarters, Huawei is increasingly approaching the top spot, with sales increasing 44.5% to a total of 58.3 million units.

The two companies together have more than a third of the market, accounting for about 35% of all smartphones sold, but the main difference is that while Samsung is down the road, with fewer than 7 million smartphones sold and share loss of the market, Huawei continued to grow, selling another 18 million units and gaining 5 market share points, to 15.7%.

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Apple is in third place, with 11.9% of the market and 44.56 million units sold, but lost market share. It had 14.1% in 2018 and the reduction of 17.8% in sales makes the North American brand lose representation in this ranking.

On the contrary, Oppo continues to grow, selling 29.61 million smartphones, while Vivo is number 5, with 27.36 million, dethroning Xiaomi.

These results predate the Trump administration blockade of Huawei's products that was announced in mid-May and could break the Chinese company's growth and thwart the Chinese company's aspirations to lead the market in 2020.

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