In the oil we also put the nose. Learn how to taste it as a professional taster – Tips

In the oil we also put the nose. Learn how to taste it as a professional taster - Tips

Rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, olive oil is the fat that best withstands high temperatures for food confection (in frying, for example) without degrading. However, is in raw that reveals the best of its composition, and should be added only when the cooking is ready, whether it be a simple salad or a cod to the laver.

We can even draw identities between oil and wine, both in production, technology and consumption.

Just as wine is made from grapes, olive oil is derived from a fruit, the olive. As in wine, there are different "castes" that give a particular flavor to the product.

The most commonly used varieties in Portugal are Galega, Cordovil and Verdeal. Like wine, olive oil is a fruit juice made by nature, then treated and packaged by the man's hand.

Finally, just like wine, in a single olive we can find aromas as different as nuts, apple, strawberry, herb, tomato, depending on the olives used.

How can we taste the olive oil?

Gather some friends at home and make your own olive oil proof. Select different types of extra virgin olive oil from different regions and proceed as follows:

Place 15 ml of each olive oil at 28 small glasses covered with a glass. These should be blue so that the consumer is not influenced by the color of the oil. Here, what matters is the smell and taste.

Take a glass and shake slightly approves.

Uncover and smell immediately. It is the first olfactory sensation of olive oil. You should not breathe deeply or smell too many oils at once because it causes sensory fatigue. At home you can use only three.

Taste a small amount, without swallowing. It should be aspirated with the mouth, passing the oil through the mouth cavity.

Spit to the bucket. There should always be a glass of water and some food like slices of apple, to wipe the mouth between the evidence.

Describe the sensationIs the end sweet, bitter or spicy? Does the taste remind you of ripe or fresh fruits?

Repeat the proof with another olive oil.

And still: To complement or alternatively to the test, serve three dishes to each guest with the different oils.

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