"In the PS people did not know the facts that have been published" – The Economic Journal

António Costa publicly addressed the accusations that José Sócrates is being tried in the context of Operation Marquis.

The prime minister guarantees that in the PS there was no knowledge of the accusations that have been made public about the former secretary general of the PS and former prime minister.

"I am sure that in the Socialist Party people did not know the facts that have come to the public," the prime minister said on Thursday night on TVI 24. "Secondly, I do not enter populist logic either to anticipate what is proper to a state of law. "

It is recalled that José Sócrates is accused of passive corruption of political office holder, money laundering, falsification of document and qualified fiscal fraud in the process Marquês Operation.

The prime minister defended that the investigations to Jose Socrates must end, defending the right to the presumption of innocence.

"No one is above the law, and therefore when there is suspicion must be investigated, when there is evidence, he must be charged, he has the right of defense, he has the right to be tried, until then, presumption of innocence. [Depois] we will withdraw the lessons that we will have to withdraw when these judicial processes, either the engineer José Sócrates or any other, "said António Costa in the Circulatura do Quadrado program.

The prime minister rejected to make a "popular judgment" of Socrates to avoid populismos.

"Now, it would certainly be very nice of me to make here the popular judgment of the engineer José Sócrates, but I do not do it. We began to be defeated by populism when we began to behave like populists, "he said.

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