Increase the performance of your smartphone or tablet with 5 free apps – Apps

Increase the performance of your smartphone or tablet with 5 free apps - Apps

As usual on Sunday, the SAPO TEK team has put together a package of app suggestions for their Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Choose from the proposals below and install the ones you like best. They are all free!

Get to know a new work of art per day

The DailyArt application presents you with a different work of art every day. There are more than 3000, accompanied by information about the work and the author.

DailyArt is a free application that gives you a daily work of art through your smartphone. The app included over 3,000 works, authored by more than 780 artists from the classic, modern or contemporary periods.

To accompany each work is a description of it, with links to the biography of the author or the museum where it is exposed. In addition, the user can access the application files at any time to learn more about any artist, work or museum that has not been chosen for the day.

You can also create favorite lists or share favorite works of art with friends.

The application is available in seven languages, including Portuguese. The user can also choose the time at which he wants to receive the notification with the presentation of his work of art of the day.

The app can be downloaded for free for Android, on Google Play, or for iOS in the App Store.

Odd Alarm uses familiar and bizarre sounds to wake you up in the morning

A dog barking in the ear? A starving zombie? Here are some of the unusual sounds you can wake up "fresh" in the morning.

Most likely the "snooze" button is the greatest invention in waking people in the morning to go to work or study. But it contributes a lot to the rate of delays. The blame for this is that mobile phones do not offer truly disruptive sounds to really get users going at 7 AM, not with Shawn Mendes' latest hit or the device's default music.

It is in this context that we recommend the Odd Alarm application, to be amazed at the sounds on the alarm list, and this includes dogs barking (or licking), pouting cats, zombies or screaming girls. Of course you will not be indifferent to the dog whistle, a genuine torture to the ears or the sound of someone knocking at the door like someone who wants to break it. Despite an interesting list of sounds, only a few are available for free with the app, with the rest being sold as micro transactions in the app store.

The application is very simple to interact, and the alarms are original enough to take a look. You can download android and iOS versions.

Equalizer, an easy-to-use smartphone amplifier

The Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume Booster lets you simply and conveniently amplify the music you hear on your cell phone.

Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume Booster is an application that helps you to simply amplify the music you listen through your Android smartphone. Contains bass amplifier, volume amplifier and stereo surround effect, among other features.

The app includes ten preset equalizations (normal, classic, dance, flat, folk, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock), but the user can adjust to their liking, having a five band EQ ten if you are using the Android 9.0 system).

There are also four skins to choose from, all of which feature a colorful spectrum of musical visualization. The app is available for Android for free on the Google Play Store.

Help Major Mayhem survive against hordes of enemies

The frantic action game, inspired by the old guard titles, promises a great challenge.

Major Mayhem 2 is an action-packed game where players control a soldier "armed to the teeth" who has to eliminate all enemies while traversing the level from a 2D perspective. By the way, if possible, you should save all prisoners over the 50 proposed levels.

At the end of the zone you will have to face bosses, but you will also have dozens of minor side targets to complete. Among the soldier's arsenal can find machine guns, shotguns, bazookas, shotguns, pistols, and others, as well as grenades to eliminate several enemies in the same place.

In addition to the campaign, the game offers the alternative mode of survival, facing continuous waves of enemies to record the best results on a scoreboard.

You can download free Major Mayhem 2 for Android and iOS.

Follow your favorite podcasts with Google Podcast

Among the different ways there are to follow the podcasts that follows, this application of Google is one of the most complete.

Through the Google Podcast you can follow the episodes of podcasts you follow regularly but also discover other podcasts from around the world by subscribing and downloading the different episodes to listen offline.

One of the main advantages is the integration with the help of Google, which allows you to synchronize between different devices ous several programs, pausing and then resuming listening on another smartphone, tablet or Google Home column.

There are still some customization options and recommendations based on your history and preferences, which can help you discover new podcasts. Most of the recommendations that appear soon in the installation are of Brazilian podcasts, but with more use will begin to also have podcasts in Portuguese and in other languages ​​and themes with which it is identified.

Google Podcaste is available in the Google Play store and is free.

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