Ingmar Bergman 's legacy and cinema cycle in Évora – News

Ingmar Bergman 's legacy and cinema cycle in Évora - News

The artistic legacy of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) will be "revisited" in Évora, on the occasion of its centenary, with an international conference this week and a film series until January.

"We want to try to rescue the figure of Ingmar Bergman from a certain oblivion or secundarização that ended up suffering" and also to show "the unknown Bergman, less seen", explained today to the agency Lusa one of the organizers, José Manuel Martins, of the University of Évora ( UÉ).

The initiatives are organized by UÉ, through the Department of Philosophy and the Film-Fora-Dos Leões Film Studies Group, and the Cultural Association Collection B, in partnership with Leopardo Filmes, Ingmar Bergman Foundation, Swedish Embassy in Portugal and Direction Regional of Culture of Alentejo, with the support of other entities.

The international conference "All Represents: Nothing is. Bergman Revisited, "scheduled for this Thursday afternoon, and Friday, all day, is one of the highlights of the program, with national and foreign experts, according to the organization.

The works, said Lusa José Manuel Martins, included 14 communications in the Teachers' Hall of the Espírito Santo College, main building of the UÉ, and two plenary lectures at the Évora Public Library (BPE), as well as the projection of two films integrated in the film cycle, at Soror Mariana Auditorium.

"We are going to have, in fact, a great star, who is the Swedish Maaret Koskinen," who will give one of the conferences at the BPE, at 17:45 on Thursday, said the organizer of the Department of Philosophy of UÉ.

According to the professor, he is "one of the leading living experts in the study of Ingmar Bergman" and "was called by Bergman himself at the end of his life to prepare his estate for the creation of the foundation" with the name of the filmmaker.

Another highlight on the show, which will air the other conference at BPE at 6:00 pm on Friday, is the academic Thomas Elsaesser, "one of the biggest names in Cinema Theory," the organizer said.

This celebration and tribute in Évora to the Swedish director started earlier this month, in the auditorium Soror Mariana, with the commented cinema cycle "The other Bergman", with the projection of about 20 films, until January 11, 2019.

"All this even started with the idea of ​​celebrating Bergman through the film cycle, with a partial retrospective of his work, and then we added the academic aspect of the conference," said José Manuel Martins.

In this component more dedicated to moviegoers, he pointed out, the public can watch "not only the great films" of the Swedish filmmaker "but also other less known or accessible films.

"We want to not only remember the Bergman of the great films, but also show the one that is more unknown, the one of the first films, of the end of the 40's, and what he said he stopped making movies, after filming the famous' Fanny and Alexander 'in the 80's, but continued to make telefilms, "he said.

In the centenary of the birth of the filmmaker, the goal of the organization, José Manuel Martins assumed, is "to revisit one of the indispensable names of cinema", but to contribute, at the same time, to "another part of Bergman is yet to be discovered. "

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