Inhabitants of Buenos Aires advised to leave the city during the G20 – The Economic Journal

Inhabitants of Buenos Aires advised to leave the city during the G20 - The Economic Journal

The city of Buenos Aires will have high levels of security for the reception of the heads of state of the 20 largest world economies, which will meet in the Argentine capital for the G20 summit, which takes place between Friday and Saturday. The measures have already prompted Maurício Macri's government to advise the inhabitants to leave the city, according to a correspondent for the Guardian newspaper.

"We recommend that you use the long weekend to get out. Leave on Thursday because the city will be very complicated, "said Security Minister Patricia Bullrich.

All air routes bound for Buenos Aires will be diverted to other destinations and all public transportation will be canceled during the summit. Dozens of anti-G20 protests and cultural events are planned.

The cancellation of public transport will extend outside the capital, extending to the entire metropolitan area, which will affect a total of 12 million people. About 22,000 police and security agents will be involved in a major security operation, according to local media.

"There will be many forbidden zones, because security measures will be very tight, and we will take immediate decisions if there is any kind of violence, because we will not allow this," said Patricia Bullrich, quoted by the same publication.

Buenos Aires police were criticized last weekend after failing to stop River Plate supporters from attacking the bus that carried players from rival Boca Juniors to the second leg of the Cup final two Liberators.

In a country with a long tradition of protest although generally peaceful, anti-G20 activists are preparing a large number of demonstrations. One of these protests includes a "People's Summit" scheduled for Thursday in front of the congress, which will further hamper traffic in the city center. Another major protest is scheduled to coincide with the start of the summit on Friday, although its location is still unknown.

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