Internacionalizar + Algarve 2.0 projects were presented

Internacionalizar + Algarve 2.0 projects were presented

The Internacionalizar + Algarve 2.0 projects | Tourism and Internationalization + Algarve 2.0 | Agrifood, Mar and TIC were presented last Wednesday, at the headquarters of NERA – Business Association of the Algarve Region, in Loulé.

The opening of this session was attended by the president of NERA, Vítor Neto, and the president of Turismo do Algarve and Associação Turismo do Algarve, João Fernandes.

In the panel dedicated to the «New Challenges of the Tourism sector», João Ministro, from Proactivetur, and António José Correia, from Oceano Forum – Association of the Economy of the Sea, shared their points of view, with more than 50 participants opportunities that the current crisis can represent.

On the other hand, in the panel dedicated to «New Challenges for the Internationalization of the Agrifood, Sea and ICT sectors», in which the regional director of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve, Pedro Monteiro, the president of AlgarOrange – Association of Citrus Operators, José Oliveira, the chairman of the Algarve Vitivinicultural Commission, Sara Silva, and vice chairman of the Algarve Evolution Association, Vanessa Nascimento, was “unanimous” the need to continue investing in networking and improving the communication of what is produced in the Algarve.

At the end of the session, the president of CCDR / Algarve, Francisco Serra, closed the proceedings arguing that “the challenge continues so that we can have a different region and overcome this crisis as quickly as possible, always with a sense of security, but also without fear".


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