International Film Festival extends to Silves – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

International Film Festival extends to Silves - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The 27th edition of “Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival” will have, this year, a
Silves, bringing to the Mascarenhas Gregório Theater on September 28 at
9:30 pm, with free admission, a program that includes a “Best of Curtas Vila do Conde” session and a “Curtinhas” session.

"Table For Two In The Carp – David Bruno", by Francisco Lobo; "Purpelebeoy" by Alexander
Siqueira; Panique qu Village – La Foire Agricole, by Stéphane Aubier; "Los Que Desean" by Elena López Riera and "Nefta Footbal Club" by Yves Piat are the short films that will be
seen in this event dedicated to the cinema.

In addition to these, there will also be a session with seven “curtinhas”, from different origins and authors, “which reflect well the dimension of this festival, one of the most solid in Portugal, which integrates the circuit of the most important international film festivals and holds great international recognition, ”the organization said. "Over these 27 years, it has become a meeting point for filmmakers, film professionals, programmers, journalists, attracting an audience eager to discover the best of contemporary cinema," he said.

The festival is today, an unavoidable reference of the cinematic culture in Portugal, also reached a prominent position in the international panorama, being one of the most reputed short film festivals.

Best Of Short Program:

Francisco Lobo, 2019 | Portugal, MV, 00:03:38
This is a visual, sentimental and literal journey through the places of Mafamude that David's song Bruno evokes. Through a series of fixed planes that succeed one another in a chain musical, we visited the scenarios that will later make the script of a promise of one night romantic. Even before hearing the proposal, we are already convinced by this construction of a mythology itself and the reconquest of a recognizable imaginary. We are in the suburbs and after all, the neons, buildings and drivethrough could be in New Jersey, but they are in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Alexandre Siqueira, 2019 | Portugal / France / Belgium, ANI, 00:13:55
In the begining was the verb. While sowing a grain on earth, a man and a woman argue about the possible gender identity of this grain, reproducing social and cultural stereotypes. (“It's male, dust …) that are normalized in our contemporary societies. As Oscar grows older, he is subjected to various embarrassments, some more symbolic, some more explicit, and we follow the dilemmas of those who seek to build an identity while trying to live up to outside expectations. “Purpleboy” is an animation that addresses, in a poetic and affective way, a complex and increasingly fracturing cultural reality in many more conservative societies. This is the absolute debut of Alexandre Siqueira in the short Vila do Conde, but “Purpleboy” already has in his curriculum the important MIFA Pitching Art prize of the prestigious D'Annecy International Film Festival, the most important of the Cinema de animation.

Stéphane Aubier, Vicent Patar, 2019 | Belgium / France, ANI, 00:26:12
As a reward for his good results at school, Cavalo offers Indian and Cowboy VIP tickets to the farm fair, but a drop that brings him to the hospital makes Horse temporarily amnesic and forget where he kept the tickets. This is the motto for one more
episode of this unusually absurd rural saga whose delusional imagination is hard to resist. Patar & Aubier achieved in 2012 universal notoriety with the feature film “Ernest & Celestine”, but for almost three decades they have developed their hallucinating characters, with a sense of humor that combines a little naive and innocent madness with a poetic character- typically Belgian surrealist. Curtas Vila do Conde has been presenting in competition since 1996 its most emblematic creations, such as the series "Pic Pic André Shoow" or this "Panique Au Village".

Elena López Riera, 2018 | Switzerland / Spain, FIC, 00:23:33
Elena López Riera documents some of the rules and procedures of an unusual fanciful competition taking place in her homeland in southeastern Spain, where the winning pigeon is the one who can attract the only female in the flock and spend as much time as possible together. her, in flight or on the ground. The referees of the competition know the birds by their names – some as unusual as Ford Fiesta, Clockwork Orange or Insert Coin – and distinguish them by the bold colors the creators paint them with. Los Que Desean notes the investment and dedication with which participants, both male and multi-generation, train their pigeons for a competition based not on speed but desire, an elegant metaphor that subtly invokes the themes of masculinity and seduction in the patriarchal communities of the Mediterranean. An encounter between the ancestor and the contemporary in which traditions so familiar to locals are extraordinary in the eyes of strangers. “Los Que Desean” marks Elena López Riera's debut at Curtas Vila do Conde.

Yves Piat, 2018 | France, FIC, 00:17:00
In his first appearance at Curtas Vila do Conde, French director Yves Piat uses a fictional story to show us how the innocence of a 5 or 6 year old would behave. A soccer lover, Abdallah finds in the desert, along with his brother, a drug-carrying mule he believes to be detergent. Naively, Abdallah decides to use the supposed detergent to draw the marking lines on his soccer field, so that he can play soccer with his friends.

Curtinhas Program

Raul Robin Morales Reyes, 2018 | France / Switzerland, ANI, 00:08:40
Little Tiger decides to go on adventure in search of his stripes.

Geza M. Tóth, 2019 | Hungary, ANI, 00:11:25
A 7-year-old recounts his fears and dreams while playing with matches.

Martin Smatana, 2018 | Czech Republic / Slovakia / Poland, ANI, 00:13:03
Through the relationship of a boy and his grandfather, we learn that death is not necessarily the end.

Michael Frei, 2019 | Switzerland, ANI, 00:09:00
In this interactive animation drawn on group dynamics, as we define ourselves when We're all the same?

Nolwenn Roberts, 2018 | France, ANI, 00:07:18
One spring morning, little Sam tries to fulfill his biggest dream.

Emilie Pigeard, 2018 | Belgium / France, ANI, 00:09:00
A cat continues to gain weight even after being operated on by the vet. Bamboo the owner he calls her Ball, and she doesn't seem to care.



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