International groups from ten countries participate in FolkFaro 2019 – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

International groups from ten countries participate in FolkFaro 2019 - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The largest folklore festival in the south of the country, FolkFaro, which kicks off on Saturday 17 at the Teatro das Figuras, will feature international folk groups from a total of ten countries.

The “cultures and rhythms of the world” will be represented for nine days, in a “true showcase of the world's songs and dances” that is centered in the city of Faro but spreading to other Algarve locations – and beyond.

FolkFaro is an annual organization of the Faro Folkloric Group, which has the main support of the municipality of Faro and is now in its 17th edition.

Songs, dances, songs and costumes of people from different continents and over 400 participants, including dancers and musicians, will show the richness of the popular traditions of their lands.

Participating groups were selected from over one hundred proposals received by the organization, and the following countries and groups were confirmed to attend the festival: Associación “Nuestras Raíces” (Rosario, Argentina), Jaime Orozco National Folkloric Ballet (Bogota, Colombia) ), FS Rozmarija (Presov, Slovakia), Danzas Adolfo de Castro Group (Cadiz, Spain); Sanyo Daiko Dan Ensemble (Hiroshima, Japan) and Penfolk Sarfolk (Pendik, Turkey).

In addition to these full-time international groups, there will be occasional guest appearances from four other international groups on the Stage of the Dock Tour, with a total of ten international appearances: Folk Group Kompanija (Boguchwala, Poland), Danza National Folkloric Company (Mexico City, Mexico); Bafut (Tarapacá, Chile) and Cho Shui River Art (Yunlin, Taiwan).

As usual, Portuguese traditions will also be represented by prestigious folk groups from various regions of Portugal, in addition to the host group: Barcelinhos Folkloric Group (Baixo Minho), CP Arcena Folk Ranch – Vila Franca de Xira (Ribatejo), Rancho Folkloric S Salvador de Grijó – Vila Nova de Gaia (Douro Litoral) and Typical Ranch Sambrasense (SB Alportel).

The Opening Gala at the Teatro das Figuras on Saturday evening at 9:30 pm will mark the beginning of the festival with the participation of the host group and six international invited groups.

Tickets can be purchased at the Theater ticket office, BOL – online ticket office or at FNAC and Worten stores.

During the following week, on the nights of August 18-25, daily shows will be held in Faro, on the stage of the Dock promenade, at the same time as the Candy, Dried Fruit and Regional Drinks Fair.

On each of these nights, the various foreign groups will act in succession, and there will also be other artistic expressions with some special appearances, such as the João de Deus Dance Club, the S. Brás Bailando and Sandra Cristo Association, interpreter of the FolkFaro anthem. – «United For A Loop».

FolkFaro also presents several shows in the parishes of Faro and in the municipalities of Loulé, Olhão, São Brás de Alportel and Tavira, in the Algarve, and Vidigueira, in the Alentejo, in a total of 15 locations.

Several FolkFaro groups will participate in the Moncarapacho and Luz de Tavira festivals, in partnership with local folk groups.

The partnership with the Villzas Danzas Festival (province of Huelva – Faro) is also renewed, with the sharing of international groups between the two festivals.

Sanyo Daiko Dan Ensemble from Japan

The street animations, downtown and the municipal market, as well as the parades of groups from Pontinha to Passeio da Doca, as well as the animations at the Faro Moto Club and the Algarve Tertúlia promise to “bring an atmosphere of joy and celebration to the city” .

Special programs for children at the Aboim Ascension Library and Refuge, programs for the elderly in various institutions, and a special program for prisoners in the Prison Establishment reinforce the social component of the festival.

The dance workshops, daily at the EB 2,3 Santo António School, will allow the most curious to learn and practice some of the world's dances through the groups that visit us.

The Ecumenical Celebration in the Church of the See, on the last day, with a message of peace and unity among peoples, is also of interest to this festival.



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