International meeting with more than 50 activities brings poets from various countries to Olhão – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

International meeting with more than 50 activities brings poets from various countries to Olhão - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The 5th International Meeting of South Poetry will bring to Olhão, between 18 and 27 October, poets from various countries, for ten days of sharing knowledge and experiences with the public in more than half a hundred activities.

In the 5th edition of Poetry to the South, an event commissioned from the very beginning by the Olanense poet and lawyer Fernando Cabrita, the bicentenary of the birth of the poet Walt Whitman and the centenary of the births of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Laurence Ferlinghetti and Jorge de Sena.

The José Mariano Gago Municipal Library welcomes, on the 18th, the beginning of a program full of initiatives: the opening show will take place at 17:00, with Nanook and Rogério Cão, followed by the inauguration (18:00), attended by official entities, poets and guest artists.

The Olhanense library also hosts the presentation of the new collection of South Poetry authors – «Nautilus Building», by Inma Luna, «Winds», by Chi Trung, and «Missa Branca» by Fernando Cabrita.

This day, which will be a party, also opens a collective exhibition of painting and drawing by Michael Augustin, Hans Wap, Tineke Storteboom and Paulo Gago and there will be a dinner in honor of the poets celebrated in this edition, followed by poetry in the banks. of garden of Avenida da República.

The night of October 18th continues in Re-Creative Republic 14, at 10:30 pm, when the Southern Poetry Twinning will take place with the Festival of La Lyre Emigrée (Russia), Edita – Ibero-American Festival de la Edición, la Poetry and Arts (Spain) and the Pierre le Grand Foundation (Belgium / Russia).

Here will also be presented Jeffrey Gaylord Carter's painting exhibition to the Poets of the World.

The Municipal Museum – Maritime Commitment Building welcomes at 23:00 the opening of the exhibitions of Jill Stot and Augusto Thassio S. Gómez De Los Infantes. The first Olhanese night dedicated to culture ends as it begins: with poetry and music.

Over the next nine days, the Fifth International South Poetry Meeting offers more than half a hundred proposals, including book presentations, recitals, lectures, poetry recitations, film screenings, music shows, conversations with some of today's best poets. world tour or tours in Ria Formosa.

In addition to the various stages in the city of Olhão – Museum, Library, Auditorium and Municipal Markets, Ria Formosa, Re-Creative Republic 14 or Society Progressive Olhanense Recreation – also the parishes and schools of the municipality of Olhão and other places in the Algarve. , from the country and even from Spain receive the visit of poetry. South Poetry activities take place in Faro, Beja, Culatra Island or Seville.

The full program can be found here.

This meeting is an organization of the municipality of Olhão, inserted in the program of «365 Algarve».



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