IOSCO elects Portugal for international conference of market regulators – The Economic Journal

IOSCO elects Portugal for international conference of market regulators - The Economic Journal

IOSCO chose Portugal to organize the international conference of capital markets regulators in 2021, the CMVM announced on its website following a decision taken today by the Board of IOSCO, with regulators from China, Kazakhstan and Egypt being also candidates to receive this meeting.

Thus, the CMVM was chosen to host the Annual Meeting of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) in 2021, a meeting that will bring together regulators from all over the world and other members of the international financial community. The only time Portugal hosted the most important meeting of regulators in the capital markets was in 1999.

"I congratulate the CMVM and Portugal for being chosen to host the IOSCO Annual Meeting of 2021, in particular given the quality of all applications. IOSCO is committed to working with the CMVM in preparation for this meeting, "said the Chairman of the IOSCO Board.

"It will be an honor to receive in IOSCO members and representatives of the international financial community in 2021, the year in which the CMVM celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. The meeting will be a unique opportunity to discuss the most relevant issues facing the regulatory community, but also to give visibility to the national capital market, "said Gabriela Figueiredo Dias, Chairman of the Securities Market Commission in statements reproduced on the website. CMVM.

IOSCO is the largest international forum of regulators in the financial instrument markets and brings together over 115 regulatory and supervisory authorities representing more than 95% of global markets.

What is IOSCO and what are its objectives?

IOSCO-OICV is an international securities regulator. Founded in 1983, it currently has about 200 members (supervisory authorities and other market participants, such as stock exchanges and international financial and regional bodies), dividing between regular, associate and affiliate members. According to the website of the CMVM, IOS's objectives are to cooperate in developing and promoting adherence to international standards of regulation, supervision and enforcement, aimed at protecting investors and ensuring efficient and adequate functioning of markets, as well as mitigation of systemic risk; enhancing protection and promoting investor confidence in the integrity of markets by strengthening the exchange of information on enforcement of infringements and the supervision of markets and financial intermediaries; the exchange of information at global and regional levels in order to foster the development of markets, strengthen market infrastructures and the proper implementation of regulation.

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