IP accuses Government of not investing in railway safety – The Economic Journal

Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) has accused the government of not investing in the safety of railway lines and restricting the hiring of human resources, the Público reported in the Wednesday edition.

The management company of the national railway network says that it has no means of better maintaining a report by the Office for the Prevention and Investigation of Air and Rail Accidents on the derailment of a train at the Livração station in Marco de Canavezes.

"Any change to the current maintenance roadmap for detection of cracks not detectable by visual inspection will directly result in a greater allocation of internal human resources which, given the current insufficient technical staffing of human resources, will result in a blurring of other activities relevant to system security, "says IP.

The document, about an accident in January at Livração station in Marco de Canavezes, points to human, organizational and technical failures, according to the same newspaper.

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