iPhone 11: Still announced, but memes don't forgive – Gadgets

iPhone 11: Still announced, but memes don't forgive - Gadgets

Introducing a new Apple smartphone couldn't happen without the online community reacting. Following the launch of the iPhone 11 at the Apple Special Event in Cupertino on September 10, social networks were flooded with all sorts of memes about the new features of Apple's latest device.

While Tim Cook made sure that the new models are the best ever, the reactions from the fan community and critics, who eagerly awaited what Apple's bet would be, lead them to believe that they were not very pleased with the new model. design of the model, but also with the slofies, considered by many to be somewhat absurd.

For many, the idea of ​​an iPhone with three rear cameras has led to some pretty caricatile comparisons: from the ill-fated spinner fidget spinners to extraterrestrial stoves. There are also those who have already taken the time to think about the reasons behind this provision, wondering who will be "watching" users on the smartphone. Even Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist and the youngest Nobel laureate, was not indifferent.

After the noticeable rise in the value of the iPhone, Apple has again "stretched" the price of new models of its smartphones and, as usual, have also been targeted by memes from the online community.

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