iPhone: Hackers resurrect jailbreak with new version – iOS

iPhone: Hackers resurrect jailbreak with new version - iOS

In the early days of iPhone, jailbreak was a common practice among the most adventurous users. The process was used to allow unofficial software to be installed on the phone, thus breaking the operating limits imposed by the brand. As such, not all apps and games had to come from the App Store, as content could be downloaded directly from the internet, just as it can be done on Android devices. The lawsuit had been blocked by the apple giant, but last weekend a group of hackers found a security flaw in iOS 12.4 that lets you re-apply the practice on a fully updated iPhone.

According to Vice, iOS 12.4 brought back a bug that had been fixed in version 12.3 of the operating system. The disclosure of the jailbreak was immediately made by a cyber security researcher who comes online under the name Pwn20wnd. In the hours after the file was published, several users claimed to have jailbroken their phones and tablets.

Despite this small advantage, the bug that is exploited here also makes hacking iPhones easier. In other words, this means that until OS 12.4.1 is released, many iPhones will be vulnerable to attack.

Speaking to Motherboard, an investigator said that this security breach could be exploited to create an app capable of stealing personal data from a smartphone to a user.

It is important to note that jailbreaking a phone carries several dangers and may end the warranty on a device.

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