Is Influencing an Art? – Behavior

Is Influencing an Art? - Behavior

Influencing can then be an art. That one works, that one improves, which then becomes conscious in us. We act, interact and communicate with others in a present way. We begin to act with an intention, clear, very evident to us. And, therefore, for those around us.

This is a circuit that makes sense to me. He is the basis of my trainings: to help those who seek me to find their 'hook', their intention when communicating. And from there find the best conductor to get to yours. And create impact.

With this impact – positive, assertive, unforgettable – we are then working on our personal brand. Or, as I prefer, our multi-brand, since we 'mark' people in different ways.

In my trainings we are talking about a list (not very extensive) of behavioral tips to take into account also in the Communication – by common sense. They are tips of good education and good deal with those who are around us. These are tips that are accessible to everyone. We work a set of techniques of communication, according to the profile of each person, each communicator, the most least shy. From the most pragmatic to the most emotional. The perspective is only one: humanize communication!

ALL apply techniques and select the ones that best fit their profiles and the way they are.

Found the way and the form, we are at the beginning of the journey in which we are and we communicate truly. Really. With intent. with will and with heart. That will be the TRUTH that we project. that we put to circulate to reach the others. It is the most direct way to reach those in front of us. And it will be from this Truth that we build our Storytelling.

Dare to make a difference and make an impact on others.

Next Training: from May 31 to June 2, in Estoril

Text: Cláudia Nogueira

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