Is there an age for men and women to betray? Two studies say yes – Actuality

Is there an age for men and women to betray? Two studies say yes - Actuality

Men betray more regularly when their age is nine, and women have an extramarital affair, on average, around age 37. The information is disclosed by the page of extramarital affairs Ashley Madison.

According to the portal, men betray mostly at 39, 49 and 59 years. The fact that they are on the verge of celebrating big birthdays leads them to have this type of behavior. A kind of "transition crisis".

As for women, a study by Victoria Milan, a social network for secret meetings, revealed that the average worldwide age for extramarital affairs was 36.6 years.

Seven to eight years until the first betrayal

This site goes further and says that, on average, the first betrayal happens between the seven and eight years of marriage.

Victoria Milan's founder Sigurd Vedal also advances two possible reasons: "the husband is not paying attention to them" or "the flame of the marriage has gone out".

Sites such as Ashley Madison and Victoria Milan continue to have a large number of users, even after the scandal that culminated in 2015 with the disclosure of the identity of thousands of users.

This Saturday, Business Insider reports that Ashley Madison annually has 20,000 new subscriptions around the world, providing more than 40,000 extramarital affairs.

This site is available in 50 countries, including Portugal, and 17 languages.

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