Is this PlayStation 5? Patent reveals news from Sony console expected in 2020 – Computers

Is this PlayStation 5? Patent reveals news from Sony console expected in 2020 - Computers

Although its arrival is expected by 2020, there is little certainty about the design and even the name of Sony's upcoming console. However, the Dutch blog LetGoDigital may have uncovered images from the patent for the new PlayStation game development kit, as well as recreating 3D renders from the sketches found. As the story of the brand dictates, the development machines delivered to major video game makers do not always exactly match the final version of the console, but the images are already piquing the curiosity of fans of the Japanese manufacturer.

According to the blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment applied for the patent, whose design was developed by Yasuhiro Ootori, at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), Brazil, in May this year. Later, on 13 August, it was registered with the World Intellectual Property Office.

According to one tweet By Matthew Stott, developer of Codemasters, one of the UK's oldest videogame producers, this is not the official design of PlayStation 5, but a development kit. Stott turned out not only to delete the tweet but also his social network account, as such disclosure could violate Sony's confidentiality agreement, Business Insider said.

Despite not being present at the 2019 edition of E3, Sony had already made some revelations about the features of its new console, including using an SSD disc instead of an HDD for faster data write and read speeds, 4K graphics at an image refresh rate of 120Hz plus a backwards compatibility system with PlayStation 4 games.

Obviously it is all rumors, but it is always interesting to see the advanced design exercise.

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