"It is not easy to educate a child, to give him good values" – Current news

"It is not easy to educate a child, to give him good values" - Current news

At age 33, Joana Santos is the mother of a boy, the little Ari, two years, the fruit of the marriage with Simão Cayatte.

A day before Mother's Day, celebrated this Sunday, May 5, the actress was on the 'High Definition' program, where she spoke openly about motherhood.

"I can not say I regret anything. I think I'm doing things well. My pregnancy was spectacular, super quiet, it went very well, I got the first year to be home with him. I think it's important, because even as I was breastfeeding for 11 months, and then starting work was also important. Making television is very demanding, and suddenly I went from being completely present to, not disappearing, but a little", Began by confessing to Daniel Oliveira, speaking next of the time in which began to record the novel" Vidas Opostas ", of the SIC. Moment that made her 'separate' from the child.

"When I started recording 'Opposite Lives' it was soon in Madrid. Suddenly he was going to be away for three days without being with him. But at the same time, I was full of will because I had not worked for three years and it was this dilemma of leaving my child and suddenly, at the same time, also wanting to return to work. When there is so much love involved it seems that they do not feel so much. He knows that the people who love him are there for him. And at this point, mainly until the age of three, I think this is what they need: love, affection and affection"He added.

Today, Joan could not agree with what I have heard from many:After being a mother, I feel more courageous and ready to face everything. ' "It is true. In my case, at the same time, I also have many insecurities"He continued, explaining that he is also" afraid of sometimes not being up to ".

"I've never been much to think about the future and I've always been a lot of living the present. And now I think about the future. What can I give you, what should I give you, how will I educate you. It is not easy to educate a child, to pass on good values"He admitted, sharing the main values ​​he wants to pass on to his son:" I respect the other, especially. Let him give himself to respect, but let him respect those around him. "

Despite always saying that she would not be a "chicken mother", Joana confesses that today, when she is away from her boy, she is always thinking: is he okay? "When I was working and he was at home with the nurse, I am nothing that mother is calling all the time to ask if he is well. Not! If he's bad, she'll call me and fix things. But at the same time, it might even give him more leeway to explore. Sometimes I'm a little bit always upstairs, "he continued.

Completely surrendered to motherhood, the actress said that what she feels is a "big love". "It's so beautiful what you feel about a son. It is transcendent, "he said.

Recalling the early days when she gave birth, the artist did not fail to recognize that they were not entirely easy, since a baby needs their parents the whole time. However, it also says that in your case was "super quiet" because "was completely available" for the baby.

"There were complicated nights, yes. Waking up every two hours to breastfeed is not easy, but having the father's help is essential. And the help of the grandfathers … I'm a lucky girl in that respect. I have a lot of help"He said.

Remembering the birth of little Ari, for Joana this was a "sweeping" experience. "I remember that on the first day, when I left the maternity hospital, going home was strange because the hospital had the help of the nurses. Suddenly it was just us. How's this going to work? Was afraid! But there is an intuition, a thing within us that appears. Suddenly I'd hit a button here and you know how to do things, you know what your son needs and you're learning. It is obvious that after the birth the hormones are red and there were also moments when I just wanted to cry and I did not know why. He cried and then he was well, "he shared.

As soon as the son was born, the actress, she says, did not start crying as soon as she saw him. "I was in shock because I suddenly opened my eyes and he was out. 'That's it, he's out, and now it's a new phase.' What is this? What is coming now? "

Marriage proposal

In addition to talking about her career and her son, Joana Santos also recalled the day the now-husband asked her to marry him. "I was already waiting a bit, but it was very beautiful, to cry ", he recalled, noting that "it was never that person who idealized marriage."

"Of course it was beautiful, I was already two months pregnant and it's funny because my mother when she married my father was also pregnant with me for two months. It was a very beautiful day of sharing, of love ", remembered.

Today, already married, with a son and continuing with her work in the world of representation, Joana Santos feels a "very happy" person.

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